Shaun Paul aka GNASHER

Producer/ Remixer/ Host on Hard Sound Radio (UNKNOWN DEDICATION SHOW).
Lives in Glasgow, Scotland.
Played at parties in Scotland, England and also a couple of parties in Belgium.
I have releases on Motormouth Recordz (1 Collab) and a remix on the latest DJ Freak e.p.
Also have an upcoming release on a small digital sublabel of ANTISTATIC Recordz of Russia.

This release has an original track of mine with a few remixes from artists in France, England and Canada.

Viod Settler – Gnomes Tinker With Time (Hellfish RMX)
Stan Grewzell – 30m 60m 90m
Catscan – Enemy on The Run
Stan Grewzell – Frost Function
Sei2ure – Check Mate
Sei2ure – Opposition
Gnasher – Critical Stutter
Reflecti – Subliminal Combiner
Doubleface – Metaloid
Rude Awakening – Original Rudeboy
Matt Green – Spiritual Offset vz Chest Painz
Sarin Assult – Undead 2 (Noise of Thunder Remix by Tymon)
Tymon & waldhaus – Banghoe
Tymon & Waldhaus -  born in sin
Satronica – life, Blood, Pain, Death (Tymon RMX)
Dj Freak – Deeper Darkness (Gnasher RMX)
Ophidian & Tapage – The Mine
Orpheus – Noise Pollution
Forsaken Is Dead – Everything Gained
Igneon System – Fuck God
I:Gor – Thunderbolt
I:Gore – Execution
N-Vitral – Return of the LoFi Death Crew
Angel – industrial Base (Ophidian RMX)
Sei2ure – Informer
The Hard Way – Devil Worshiping Motherfuckers


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