Dj Discord or better known as the Demon Discord is a DJ/liveact from the netherlands specialized in hardcore house music.

Stolen Cult Overdose (dither remix) PRSPCT Recordings Hardcore
N Vitral Welcome to the killzone The Third Movement Crossbreed
D-passion feat Promo Back to hell The Third Movement Hardcore
Negative A & Counterstrike Tested on animals PRSPCT Recordings Crossbreed
Deathmachine introspective future The Third Movement Crossbreed
Deathmachine Sectioned The Third Movement Crossbreed
Sinister souls, nagato & Triamer Technical difficulties (original mix) PRSPCT Recordings Crossbreed
Igneon system identity relapse Heresy Industrial
meander endless blackness Q-Dance Crossbreed
Dyprax savage society Masters of Hardcore Crossbreed
The DJ P{roducer Centrifuge (N-vitral centrifrack revision) The Third Movement Hardcore/Crossbreed
Meccano twins a.d.a.m. Traxtorm Records Hardcore
Volm Brainwash Noisj Crossbreed
The Dj Producer The last great overdose (ophidian revision) The Third Movement Crossbreed
Unexist Fistortion (bartoch remix) Traxtorm Records Hardcore
Outblast & Drokz Be yourself Masters of Hardcore Hardcore
N-vitral ft Igneon system Jump the f@#* up Noisj Hardcore
Riot Squad Anxiety (original mix) Neophyte Records Hardcore
Mr Madness Nobody dont dance on this Red Fever Recodings Hardcore


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