Deathmachine’s love for hard dark mechanical music started way back in the early 90’s where his imagination was captured
by the then relatively young hardcore scene.
He attended many of the big UK raves over the following years and became addicted to the new sound that had arrived.

To further connect with the music, he started DJing in 1998 and over the following years began carving a unique sound for himself.
Always dancefloor oriented, but with an experimental edge, his sets earned him bookings from all the major promotors across the UK.

A few years later and now a respected name on the UK DJ circuit, he took it to the next level. In 2001, he began producing,
aiming to capture energy and rawness along with the continuing dark vibe.
Since then, he has released on some of the worlds most respected industrial hardcore labels such as Deathchant,
Rebelscum and Pacemaker and played at many major events across Europe.

In 2009, his productions evolved with the emergence of the Crossbreed/Hybrid style. Combining Hardcore with D’n'B gave new inspiration,
and soon Deathmachine found this was a natural progression to his sound.
With releases on the genre-defining Genosha One Seven Five and Union Recordings,
Deathmachine is established as one of the leading producers in this new style.

Igneon System – Extinction (Meander remix)
Wavolizer – Different Things
I:Gor – Rage
Dither & The Outside Agency – Man Made Evil
Igneon System – The Wish For Brutality (Angel remix)
Deathmachine – Get Down Low
The Dj Producer – The Last Great Overdose (Ophidian remix)
Synapse & Sei2ure – Trapped
The Dj Producer – Last Man Standing (The Outside Agency remix)
The Dj Producer – Problematic Frequency (Deathmachine remix)
The Outside Agency – Prepare To Die
N-Viral & Sei2ure – Noise Pumper
Dither – Alien Resistance
DJIPE – Exile Or Death
The Dj Producer – Futurespast
Deathmachine – Bad Boy Sound
The Dj Producer – Quite Safe (Detest remix)
Xaturate & Sinister Souls – Skullfucker
Igneon System & Deathmachine – Zero Heroes
Igneon System & Switch Technique – Anger Management
Igneon System – The Roughest (The Dj Producer remix)





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