At frist Leeloo has a classical formation, she played violin, piano and battery. After her first big party in the south of France in Summer 1994, and a lot of partcipations on hip hop’s bands in music producing, she decided to start to compose Hardcore in 2000. She dislikes to stay in the same style and she finds in hardcore a lot of differents sides to explore. Very interrested by sounds and styles blend, she try to introduce what she likes in her tracks. The GOD#03 is her 2nd ep after the Noise Factory #06.

In 2002 LeeloO joins the Hardcoholics crew and takes her place into the live act performance following many parties across France and many other European countries like Swiss, Germany, Belgium, Italy, UK, Netherland and Canada.
Their sound is definitely specific, blend of hip-hop, breakbeats, saturated melody and Kicks. They can srtike from 140 to 280BPM, real music lovers they find their inspiration in different styles like Hip-Hop, Trip-Hop, Rock, Classic, Newbeat and Belgian & German techno.
Those who became “The Hardcoholics” today never stop burning parties all over Europe.

1. Darkroom
2. French Bitch
3. Contact
4. Harmonic Desire
5. Hardcore Massive (DJ Producer Massive Hardcore Edit)
6. Hardcore Massive
7. Easy Fader
8. Mister Death
9. Where is everybody
10. Take It
11. All my bones are broken (Feat. Sophie V.)
12. Fuck It
13. Penis versus Vagina
14. Hope
15. Dark Noise
16. Boltcore
17. Play
18. The Universe
19. Steadiness Balance
20.Kill Me Please (2015 Master Edit)
21. Piano
22. Woman vs Machine (Remix for Goetia)

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